Azahar Coast Castellon. Spanish Coast.

The Azahar Coast covers the territory to the north of the Valencian Community, along which a coastline of 120 kilometers of beautiful beaches and beautiful coves stretching.

Countless sensations arise to visit the Azahar Coast, from pure fruity aroma which owes its name to the pleasant coolness of the sea breeze, the soft touch of warm and endless sandy beaches or the beauty of the wild creeks who bathe in the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Many of the beaches of the Azahar Coast have the Blue Flag awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe to those that are distinguished by the quality of its waters and its services.

The wide beaches and hidden coves of the province of Castellón have, overwhelmingly, sandy bottoms that make the swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean more enjoyable and safe. Besides the beaches of Castellón deal we can find places where orange or pine scent our stay in the sand, forming unique spaces where the natural wealth will make us enjoy even more of a rest. Castellón has two national parks that preserve unspoiled coastal spaces: the Natural Park of the Sierra de Irta, which among others, are the coastal towns of Alcala de Peniscola and Xivert - Alcossebre, and the Natural Park of El Prat de Cabanes - Torreblanca, consisting entirely by spaces of these municipalities. In them we discover the coast and sea pure and true environmental treasures to discover, as we can enjoy the Protected Landscape of the mouth of the River Mijares, in the municipalities of Almassora and Burriana.

Inmobiliaria Benicarló Inmobrau y Columbretes

In addition to these natural areas, Castellón has the Natural Park and Marine Reserve Columbretes Islands, consisting of a series of volcanic islands that, within walking distance from the coast, offer unique spaces for its spectacular and are a must event for scuba divers, since, by the volcanic nature of the islands, have excellent visibility under water.


The origins of the city we find in the Iberian towns of Tossa Puig and whose peak is in the IV and V centuries BC The name "Beni-Gazló" first appears in documents as Arab farmhouse. Get the Letter on June 14, 1236 with the name "Benicastló". In 1294 it belongs to the Knights Templar; later, in 1319 passed the Order of Montesa. In 1523 he was awarded the title of Villa, for their loyalty to the Emperor Charles I and the Order of Montesa.El October 22, 1926, Alfonso XIII granted the title of City Villa. Scene of many military actions, highlights the assault of Cabrera in the first Carlist War (23 January 1838).

Visit Benicarlo is an experience that takes us through the splendor of its insatiable product orchards and intense seafaring life.

Fishing activity is connected to the same location and birth of Benicarlo. Seaport giving shelter to about 50 fishing boats plus recreation. Each year about 1,500,000 kg fish of different varieties of fish like flounder, shrimp, snails, sea trout, mullet and gold among others.

Increasingly important in our city. Hotels of Benicarlo, among which the Parador Nacional de Turismo "Costa Azahar", offering all kinds of services to our tourists. The beach is sandy Morrongo awarded year after year with the Blue Flag for Clean Seas of Europe. The cultural and gastronomic excellences complete the traveler an open city.

Vinaròs, Benicarlo, Peniscola, Alcala Xivert (Alcossebre), Torreblanca, Cabanes, Oropesa del Mar, Benicassim, Castellón de la Plana, Almazora, Burriana, Nules, Moncofa, Xilxes, La Llosa and Almenara, who are these sixteen coastline cities of North to south in Castellón and between all of them are the Azahar Coast.

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